UEFI Troubleshooting guide out of date?

I’m having the common issue outlined in the UEFI troubleshooting guide where, after loading what I believe is called the GRUB bootloader (black and white screen with “GNU GRUB version 2.04” at the top and 4 options to choose from) and selecting “Install Qubes OS R4.1.0” it briefly displays an underscore, then it hangs on a black screen. The troubleshooting document suggests editing BOOTX64.cfg, either in the ISO or on the installation media, but there is no file with that name in /EFI/BOOT/ in either of the two partitions. Both partitions contain the same two files in that directory, BOOTX64.EFI and grub.cfg, neither of which contain the lines of code the document mentions. This was reported in issue 7363 but it doesn’t look like anyone has submitted updated steps. Is there somewhere else to remove noexitboot and mapbs in R4.1.0? Is that even a relevant suggestion anymore?

I’m booting Qubes-R4.1.0-x86_64.iso, imaged with Rufus per the instructions, from an 8gb USB drive on a Lenovo Legion 5 15" Laptop, AMD Ryzen 7 5800H, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti. I’ve switched to what it calls “Discrete graphics” in the BIOS, meaning it’s using the ADM Radeon integrated graphics rather than the NVIDIA card. The same problem was reported with a Legion 5 in this thread and it mentions changing legacy and hybrid boot options, but my BIOS menu has no mention of either of those (or much of anything; it’s kind of terrible). The only options related to booting are Secure Boot (disabled), USB Boot (“Enable or disable boot for USB devices” so obviously that has to stay enabled), PXE Boot to LAN (adds a network boot option to the boot table), and IPv4 PXE First (option for the network boot).

Any suggestions are appreciated. I’ve wanted to play around with this OS for years but never had spare hardware.

You can try Qubes release 4.1.1-rc1 from here:
Download Qubes OS | Qubes OS
If it won’t work you can try latest testing Qubes ISO build with kernel-latest from here as a test:
If it works then you can download a signed latest testing Qubes ISO build with kernel-latest from here to install:
QubesOS 4.1 Signed Weekly Builds
NOTSET is unavailable right now so you’ll have to wait for it:
NOTSET's services status - #6 by fepitre

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Same issue with 4.1.1-rc1 and the 20220702 build. You did give me the idea of trying R4.0.4 though. That does have the BOOTX64.cfg file, so I was able to try out the 3 solutions from the guide. Still gave me the same black screen, though. I might just be out of luck with this hardware, unless anyone else has an idea.