UEFI Qubes option missing

Hey guys, i ve already read the UEFI boot: no Qubes OS option

I just spend 2k to buy a dell laptop and a SSD removable just to start using with cubes.
I installed qubes successfully and played around with it but after restarting my system, it didn’t show up on the UEFI boot option, I can see my SSD, but it’s not recognized as a bootable device.
I have reinstalled it 3 times now to make sure I’ve done it right, and I have verified the signature and authenticity of it
I tried the suggested routes on here but when I mount the sdb2, it replies with, it is either already mounted or it’s busy
when I try to mount the sdb1, it replies with the directory doesn’t exist
and it’s right because in the mnt directory the is just a directory called install and there is no efi directory inside it
ill be grateful if you can shed some light on this matter for me please
I can’t wait to start using qubes and I can’t

thanks a lot in advance

Is this the duplicate of

Yes I opened a new one because I didn’t receive a reply there and i thought i might get a response faster like this, I can’t wait to start using Qubes lol
the suggested solution didn’t work for me, so I thought there might be another way around it