UEFI Boot File Selection: only boots with "grubx64.efi". Is this safe?

Hello everyone,

I installed Qubes OS 4.1 successfully in UEFI mode. After restart Qubes OS did not boot so I moved to BIOS UEFI Boot Selection. There I am able to choose one of the following files in the directory named “qubes”. Other directories which are available are named “BOOT” and “fedora” but they do not include a selectable file).

  • xen.efi
  • grubx64.efi
  • xen-4.14.3.efi
  • grub.cfg

Only when choosing grubx64.efi system is able to start Qubes OS.

Could you please confirm that I have not made any mistakes regarding the manual selection, which could affect security?

Thank you.

(Made the title more explicit to see if you can get more attention to this post)

I want to add that if I install in the Legacy mode of the system, I have not to make any changes after Qubes installation and reboot to boot correctly.

Further explanation: Righ before selecting which device to boot from, you can choose UEFI or Legacy mode. USB device is listed in both sections. I am aware that “Legacy” is also a mode of UEFI according to What's the best: UEFI vs. Legacy? (security-wise) - #4 by Fire

maybe your uefi entry is overwritten, have you check with running efibootmgr via qubes rescue / other os / if you have successfully booted to dom0?

yes nothing wrong.

Thank you for your answer. It seems that you are right, but I did not change it right after installation and manually set the UEFI entry.