UEFI BIOS version check from CLI Terminal

I saw Coreboot had a recent update

I ordered 2 laptops right after this update, so am unsure if the vendor shipped it with the latest update

I am new to XEN and Qubes, so I now wonder what command do I enter as SuDo to retrieve the info list about the current version of my UEFI version

I need 2 different commands
1 for AMI (American Megatrends) — just to see what version it is on
2 for Coreboot — see if I got lucky with new version installed prior to shipment
(as I have 2 Qubes bare metal machines that I am setting up, 1 has Coreboot the other has AMI)

Provided instruction inputs for Dom0 or ROOT terminal is appreciated, thank you in advance
(or should I just reboot and find it in the UEFI settings somewhere?)

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I just rebooted on the AMI machine and see the version when logging into the UEFI

I assume it will be the same with Coreboot when I move over to working on that machine

Still would be nice to check it from Terminal somehow instead of rebooting into the UEFI, but I don’t know the commands to input to accomplish such so …

UPDATE update:
Wow the AMI version is extremely out of date!

I fear the same will be for the Coreboot then.

I see there are instructions for Coreboot here in the Qubes forum,
is there any instructions for AMI (American MegaTrends) on downloading to update the AMI version?

  • NOTE:
    I tried to delete this thread so to make a new thread on “how to update AMI” BIOS but it isn’t letting me delete it so I guess I will just pivot from the CLI question into the “how to update AMI UEFI BIOS” question then here
    I am also going to email the vendor. I can’t believe they put an ancient version of AMI on this! The version is so very far behind, older than the company selling these laptops lol

emailed the vendor, I can’t believe the vendor did this to me wow what a let down

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Your quote from me is about Coreboot/PureBoot on the Purism Librem 14 v1, not about Coreboot/Heads on other devices in general.


Thank you for this clarification.

My questions still stand as your post made me remember to check the BIOS versions of the Coreboot and AMI, but yes they are not Libre or Pirism brands. I ordered Star Labs laptops (I am on a tight budget), and I am so disappointed they gave me an ancient AMI version :frowning:

I need to now crack back open the Coreboot, I bet they shipped that one extremely out of date too then

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