Udev fails to start during 4.1 install

I have successfully installed Qubes 4.1 numerous times with an older BIOS firmware but trying to update any of the numerous newer BIOS firmwares results in udev failing and the 4.1 install timing out.

Is there anything I can do on my end to install Qubes with updated BIOS?

You can try the latest Qubes ISO with kernel latest from here:

Thanks for the reply @tzwcfq, that weekly ISO link doesn’t seem to work anymore unfortunately! I would love testing out a more recent ISO but do not have the know how to build my own.

The server is unavailable for now because of a problems with ISP:

You can also download the Qubes build from here:

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Just saw that post about his server being down. Thank you for the direct link!

I was able to get the latest Qubes ISO build running on the same old firmware but the install wouldn’t even get past the initial install grub state with newer firmwares. The first firmware that stopped working with Qubes says it added support for Windows 11.

After dracut-initqueue timeout you can enter terminal and copy logs from there. Then check the logs for errors.