Ubuntu HVM doesn't recognize Display (GPU passthrough)

Hey, I’m currently building my Qubes setup (4.1) and there are only few things left to finally work with it.

I already installed a Windows 10 HVM with GPU passthrough which works flawlessly.

But Ubuntu is driving me crazy. It doesn’t recognize my Display like the Windows 10 HVM. After attaching the GPU to the HVM i was able to install the Nvidia drivers without problems and lspci shows that my Nvidia graphics card is using the driver.

xrandr command is only showing that Virtual-1 display is connected.

Does someone know how to force Ubuntu to use my monitor which is connected to my graphics card?

I already blacklisted nouveau driver and was searching hours on the web to fix the problem but no success at all.

I just want a Linux HVM with Desktop Environment and working GPU passthrough.