Ubuntu Desktop Standalone

has anyone had success installing Ubuntu Desktop as a standalone?

each time I run through the automatic installer it fails when it tries to copy data to /target

it works well in the live environment, but I couldn’t get past the installer ever, even when trying manual partitioning.

I think unman offers ubuntu templates. After installing them, you can create a standalone qube with ubuntu as the template.

im not sure with other ubuntu version, but for 22 lts server, just make sure you install it on system storage (10gb)

thanks but I need a normal Ubuntu installation :smiley:

did you manage to install Ubuntu server on your Qubes?

here are the steps I am taking.

  • create 20GB private storage, 4GB Ram, 4 core standalone
  • launch with Ubuntu desktop ISO
  • configure internet
  • choose minimal installation
  • hit automatic partitioning and install
  • installation fails

You need to resize the system storage not the private one since Ubuntu install to xvda (which is the system storage).

yes, i can install it and using it as normal.
also try installing to system not private, and perhaps dont configure internet.

in 22 i dont have idea how it can connect to internet before and after installation, my workaround is to download nmcli and its dependencies then configure ip with nmcli, have try with netplan and no success.

For what is worth, I recently installed Xubuntu 22.04 LTS as a standalone (HVM) with no issues.

There is no integration with Qubes OS out of the box, though (e.g. sound, copy-paste). That’s what using a template brings to the table.

sorry, I meant the system storage, I got them mixed up. I configure the internet with the GUI in Ubuntu Desktop but I will try without configuring it

I could try this later, I only need a normal standalone with no Qubes integration for testing