Ubuntu as Dom0 (Project)

Hello qubes users,

I’m currently started to work on a project called qubes debian installer.
The motivation behind this is to get more familiar with qubes and to develop qubes applications on ubuntu.
Ultimate goal of the project is to get qubes running on a debian/ubuntu as dom0.

The project currently downloads some of the qubes repos and tries to create the debian package.
By building the debian package I want to avoid compatibility issue which might come from installing the existing rpm packages.
Thanks to the developers most repos have already a debian package config.

The project can be found here: qubes debian installer

Contributions are highly appreciated.

qubes os is a great project.
Thanks for all who work on it.


first goals archived

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Wow. Security-wise I don’t understand what the point is. But if it helps you learn more about Qubes, I’m all for it :raised_hands:.

Might I suggest changing the topic title to something that’ll bring more attention? Before I clicked I had no expectation of what it was… Some suggestions:

  • Ubuntu as Dom0 (Project)

good idea
I haven’t seen where I can change it.
May I ask you to change the name as you proposed?

There should be a pen icon near the topic title. Even I could edit it, but not sure if that is visible only for me or for all others?

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You may want to stick to Debian instead of Ubuntu for redistribution purposes, reproducible builds, community efforts, etc.


Also have a look at this:

and this:

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Now it is possible to use the app to install Qubes on Ubuntu and then install qubes templates and start them.
Added a detailed description on github on how to use the app.

Apps inside qubes are currently not working.
I am trying to resolve this issue.

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Very interesting.
Curiosity: What kind of study have you made? It is mandatory to learn everything about xen to do this?
Thanks you

I can answer: not at all. It’s only packaging and scripting. Nothing related to Xen or kernel internals.