Uable to Reset PCI device

Yesterday, after installing Qubes, I could not get sys-net to work.
Unable to reset PCI Device 0000:19:00.1 : internal error: Active 0000:19:00.0 device on bus with 0000:19:00.1 not doing bus reset.

Since I could not interpret this message, it took me hours to find the solution to the problem. It says that the two devices share the same bus. In my case it was the Realtek Card Reader Controller 19:00.0 and the Realtek Ethernet Controller 19:00.1. These devices are in the same physical module in the laptop which share the bus. The solution for me was to assign both devices to the sys-net sys-net/settings/devices and reboot. After that everything worked.

But now I don’t know how good it is to have the card reader in sys-net It seems unsafe to me. How dangerous is this and is there a solution to separate 19:00.0 and .1 but so that sys-net still works afterwards?

this mean sys-net could be compromised either by network or physically through the card reader, and that the card reader can only be used from sys-net

I don’t think so as it’s a physical limitation, you have a chipset managing the two devices, you can not split it in two, hence the error you initially had.


Thank you very much for your reply.
If I don’t use the card reader, is it still a security problem?

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