U2f-proxy on 4.2

I want to setup u2f-proxy after in-place upgrade to 4.2 but can’t figured it out how to do that and what exactly causing a problem. I have always problems with understanding which services where are necessary but on 4.1 I was able to setup it. Now I have problem that Qubes Global Config tool tells me that I havn’t qubes-u2f service installed in sys-usb. My sys-usb is dvm based on minimal fedora-38. I have installed in the template qubes-usb-proxy, qubes-input-proxy-sender and qubes-u2f that fallback to qubes-ctap. In som0 I have installed qubes-u2f-dom0 which fallback to qubes-ctap-dom0.
I have enabled qubes-u2f-proxy service for each vm I want to use with u2f proxy, and also for sys-usb, but I can’t do

systemctl enable qubes-u2fproxy@sys-usb.service