Two physical computers running on a single Qubes instance

I am currently working on Qubes on a daily basis. My computer has 8 virtual desktops, the processor is intel core i7 x16 cores and 32GB ram.

I would like to be able to instantly, with one click, display a separate Qubes desktop with another 8 desktops unused. So much for the GUI issue.
As for the hardware issue - I would like the “first instance with 8 desktops” to use the first 8 CPU cores + 16GB ram + one physical network card, while the “second instance with 8 desktops” would use another 8 cores, 16GB ram and a second network card.
You could switch between instances, each instance would have a differently configured Dom0, its own and separate Qubes, a different sys-net. “Instance one” would not know of the existence of the “second instance”; each instance would think that it is the one and only Qubes, and that only 8 CPU cores and 16GB Ram are physically available.

An additional idea is the optional ability to send the image of the first instance to a monitor with a VGA jack, and the second instance to a monitor with HDMI jacks.

I have two usb controllers on my Thinkpad computer: front and rear. The front usb controller would only be available for the first instance, while the second controller would only be available for the second instance.

The whole thing would be supervised by a program that is above Dom0 (running, for example, in a bootable live-cd image), where the configuration of both machines could be managed.

What do you think of the concept I proposed?

Sounds a bit similar to Qubes Air.

What would be the goal of this setup?