Tuxedo Infinitybook S15 Gen. 6

Hey, here’s my hcl. Hope it’s useful for you guys and thanks for creating such a great operating system. :slight_smile:
Qubes-HCL-TUXEDO-TUXEDO_InfinityBook_S_15_Gen6-20210917-154154.yml (1.3 KB)

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This sounds very promising!

  1. Does suspending work?

  2. Did you experience any of the issues mentioned here: https://www.reddit.com/r/tuxedocomputers/comments/pc811j/infinitybook_s15_gen_6_review/ ?

Well, you learn every day. Didn’t actually test suspend so I didn’t know about it: if you put the laptop into suspend mode it suspends but won’t restart, so I have just had to power off twice - I read somewhere that on 11th gen Intel the ME needs to tell the OS that it powered down in order for their new fancy suspend mode (S0ix or something like this) to work. Turns out this wasn’t the issue, even with ME activated it doesn’t work. So, I guess, there’s something borked in either the BIOS or Qubes.
The camera is fine, I guess. It works, tested with cheese (that only allows up to 720p but ok) and the video is stable. Sure, it is no movie camera but I didn’t have many expectations for the camera. It works for video conferencing and that’s pretty much all I need it for. Other than that I deactivate the camera in the BIOS settings for privacy reasons. The fan noise is rather loud but that’s because I enabled the performance mode in the BIOS. In entertainment mode it’s far less noise but also less processing power. I haven’t yet installed the TCC, I want to put it into Dom0 but installing software into Dom0 is a challenge (guess it’s better that way but still a bit annoying if you want to install your keyboard drivers). The keyboard has a really nice tactile feel and the trackpad actually clicks (though you can tap in the middle to get a click-free experience). Other than that I like the power this laptop packs and that it runs Qubes really smoothly without any problems. Hope that clarifies things for you, feel free to ask if I’ve forgotten anything. :slight_smile:


Thank you @S9qPsAMNuW4ax5EF5 for your HCL report which is now online.

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Hey Sven, thanks for including it but, as I’ve posted above, other than the acpi-processor-issue there’s also some annoyance with the suspend… Hopefully it’s fixed soon but as of now there’s a problem with returning from suspend - it simply doesn’t work anymore. As far as I’ve understood the issue it’s got something to do with upstream Xen (https://github.com/QubesOS/qubes-issues/issues/6066 was the issue, I believe). So, long story short, at least as of now suspend doesn’t work.


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Hey I decided to give Qubes another go after reading your post.

I have the exact same laptop but even after loading the acpi-processor module as you suggested, qubes is just still way too slow.

Decided to post this here for additional info.

Output of lsmod includes:

xeb-acpi-processor 20480 0