I would like to leave the Apple and Windows world with my business and privately. Now I’m evaluating whether Cubes can be the right thing. I’m very impressed with Qubes, but it’s hard to get started.

Since security is the main argument for Qubes, the instructions should be more comprehensible, as errors could pose a major risk. I assume that the team’s resources are also limited and their focus is primarily on development. The documentation is good for experienced techies.

I myself am in the IT support business. I’m not a beginner, but since my customers run Windows and Apple environments, my experience in the Linux world is not the same. I implemented the documentation very precisely. Even with the hardware, I followed everything in the documentation and implemented it as much as possible.

Now I realize that everything I do could be a security risk. Can I assign the USB stick to this or that Qube? Should the Qubes have a terminal or not? Can I trust the instructions for headphones or will this compromise safety? If I want to have a lot of valuts, should I clone them or what is the best way to do that? If I want to format a USB stick, what is the safest way to proceed?

Here I think it would be very helpful if you had videos made by very experienced users or developers who always keep the focus on security. 99% of all tutorials I have seen are unusable and even dangerous. I think that the effort to make a few videos wouldn’t be that big, but the benefit would be great. This would help people who are serious about switching to Qubes and the community would grow faster. Is there anyone in this forum who would be willing to do this?

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This is an issue IMO with Qubes OS. Before Qubes OS, you would not even think about 90% of threats you start to think about after using Qubes OS. You need to define what you want to protect against, otherwise using your computer will start to feel like a nightmare.

A few videos? About what topic exactly?

I constantly worry about security because I deal with sensitive data. That’s what my job demands. If I switch to Qubes, I would like to know the risks and manage them as best as I can.

I believe that if an experienced user or developer started Qubes and could show what to pay attention to and how to implement everyday work, that would help a lot. This also includes Bluetooth, USB, headphones, data import, creating templates, etc. I think two hours would be a great help to anyone interested. Micah Lee (on The Circle of HOPE) did a fantastic job. It just needs a little more, more detail.

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