Try a Mint template

If anyone wants to try a Mint template, you can pick up a pre-built
ulyssa from
This is well loaded with a good selection of software.
It’s also preconfigured to use the focal repository at
Because Mint is Ubuntu based, and the relevant packages are installed,
the usual Qubes tools are available.

Download the template to a Fedora based disposableVM.
The template package is signed with my Qubes Signing key- you can get a
copy of this online and check the signature against the mailing list,
github etc.
Once you are happy that you have a genuine key, you can check the
signature on the package:
rpm -K <template>
The output should show pgp md5 OK

If you are satisfied, then you can copy the package to dom0 and install
qvm-run -p <disposableVM> 'cat <path-to-package>' > <package>
And install it using rpm -i ..

Better would be to process it in a managementVM if you have one

If you need help with the template, or want to build one for yourself,
(better), just ask