Troubleshooting snaps: Not showing in Qube Settings->Applications after refresh

I’ve ran into this issue a few times, and still can’t isolate the cause.

I install snapd and Qubes snap helper in the template.

I then install the snap package in the app vm.

In the app vm->terminal->snap list: Shows core18, core20, Joplin as broken.

  1. I removed Joplin, refresh core18 & core20 to the edge channel.
  2. Re-install Joplin.
  3. Terminal->snap list: Shows Joplin, no longer broken.
  4. Shut down the VM.
  5. Opened VM settings, and refresh applications.

While some snaps show, Joplin still doesn’t show as available applications.
Anyone know what’s going on?

If I understand you correctly, this might help: App menu shortcut troubleshooting | Qubes OS.

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