Troubleshooting Installing Qubes w/ Heads


I would appreciate help in troubleshooting installing Qubes on a recently purchased NV41 with Heads firmware. I am still trying to wrap my head around Heads overall, and have never installed an OS before. I can navigate through the initial Qubes installation setup (choosing the drive to install to, setting up the user, etc). All goes smooth until first stage is finished and I click reboot. The screen is then black with the text cursor blinking, and it stays that way for ~20-30 minutes without rebooting to the boot menu.

I am following along with the guide on the Heads page Step 4 - Installing Qubes and other OSes | Heads - Wiki but am unsure if I need to retrace back to Step 3 for a step I am missing. Any help would be appreciated, and I am still quite new to this field and would appreciate slightly more new-user-friendly vernacular. Thanks!

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For my case, i just unplug the usb key and do a hard reboot.
After this it boots to continue the install
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