Troubleshooting app install: Works in template, not found in qube

I installed a .deb file in the qube template.
Running the command to load the app in the template loads the app.
Running the exact same command in the qube terminal throws “command not found”.
Launching the app in the template thru the app menu loads. Doing the same in the qube, it crashes.

Drilling down in the file system, the app seems to be in the qube.
When trying to install the .deb file in the qube, it shows as already installed.
Shutting down the qubes, changing the template, then changing the template back, and re-adding the app didn’t fix it.

Any ideas what might cause these symptoms?

App is not instaled in the $PATH?

echo $PATH outputs:


…in both template and qube.

(App is not a game.)

Interestingly enough, when I make a standalone qube based on the template qube, the app works.
I just can’t seem to get it to work in a templateVM.

/usr/local is one of the paths stored in the AppVMs, so they don’t see the template’s /usr/local. You can copy the files over to the AppVM(s) you want or install the .deb in the AppVMs.

or you can use bind dirs.