Trouble with qubes wifi

Hello so I’ve been trying to install qubes to my MacBook Pro 2017 intel. I finally have got it to download with no issues after many failed attempts. Now I am trying to connect to wifi

The image shows no network devices available.
I have checked under sys-net and my network controller is in the sys-net qube I also added advanced network configuration to the applications and attempted to add my wifi there but I still don’t know how to get it to connect. I’m new to this so I’d really appreciate the help I want to get up and running and using qubes . Thank you

Hi @Spac3! Welcome to the forum!

Can you open a dom0 terminal and show us the output of lspci?

The output of dmesg in sys-net would also likely contain very useful information about what’s actually happening with your wifi hardware.

I have a feeling you’ll need the proprietary Broadcom firmware… :unamused:

The other option is to check the HCL for anything else that I have posted about what needs to be done for any other Apple hardware. Apple, for some reason or another, always seems to include Broadcom Wifi hardware in their designs (I guess technology is awesome when you are told how it works… :stuck_out_tongue:), and in my experience, the b43 and brcmfmac firmware just aren’t able to drive them…

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Okay I took pictures of both I’m not sure . What to do next in sys net typing dmesg in terminal says read kernel buffer failed and here is dom 0

You need to uses sudo dmesg.
That image is no use to me. What error message do you see relating to

I typed sudo dmesg and got a long page What part am I looking for also apon adding settings to my network qube I searched for wifi and it says no wifi adapter connected but under sys - net devices the Network controller Broadcom is in sys net

Is it possible I should just buy an external wifi adapter and plug in usb and move my usb access over to the sys-net qube ? Thanks