Trouble Install Qubes OS 2.4.1

I’ve tried for a few days now, to try to install 2.4.1 but time and time again it just keeps crashing or freezing
I’ve only been able to boot inside the operating system once, when it failed was when I went to go to leave for moment in which the OS locks its self, the entire system was inaccessible past that point.

Just to get to that point. I had to go through countless freezes of the installers where the installer would crash before it could get the Fedora Gui.
I tried again to try and install this morning but no no success. I’ve used rufus and dd in a linux terminal and same exact problems.

It would freeze after after the qubes configuration Gui is finished and then is switch then to the TTY. Prompting me a to reboot to see if maybe I had to only to get to the LUKS screen enter a password and stay stuck there.

The Qubes OS recovery is completely void aswell, with a response of no “linux install”

To go even further, I made sure to use all 3 of my flash drives to make sure it wasn’t just a faulty usb to once again no avail. Ive tried all the options on the grub bootloader aswell and still same problems

Its very confusing to me because I’ve never had these issues before with any other qubes os version.

Could there be any reason why this at all is happening?.

And if so what do I do?

What’s your hardware?

RTX 3080
Z390M gigabyte
Samsung SSD via PCIE

Did you try the Qubes OS 4.2.0 and Qubes OS 4.1.2 ISOs for a test and they didn’t have this issue?

Actually messaging you back on 2.1.4 as we speak I dont want to give up on 2.4.1 but its completely unusable for me as it cant install

Did you check that the hash sums match, first after download and then after flashing it onto the usb? This was actually an issue for me, as something corrupted the flashing process.

hey thats interesting to me because I’m wondering if I’m having the same problem. I installed 4.2 on my intel core 15-12400 based system and it worked…until I dropped in a GPU (I tried an intel A750 and an AMD rx 6600)…when I did that cubes reboot withun 20-30second of loading sometimes. I tried to reinstall and same thing: reboot during the installation phase. Is that what you’re noticing? Maybe I should try 4.1

No the operating system just straight up cant install or it wont boot at all