Trouble getting network (wifi) on a fresh install of 4.2.0rc1

I am having trouble getting network (wifi) on a fresh install of 4.2.0rc1
platform: dell 5520 running Qubes for 5 years

indication: When I try to sign in to Network Manager it shows my wifi network as available, but when I select it it gives an error.

[sys-net] Connection Failure

Failed to add 4.2.0rc1/activate connection

failure adding connection: error writing to file ‘/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/{wireless name}.nmconnection’: failed to create file /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/{wireless name}.Private.Q9FR61: Permission denied

I don’t know if this is a legitimate bug or just an install anomaly where I switched the wrong option on install since the Install interface has evolved since my last “from scratch” install
the only non default selection I made was for sys-net to be disposable

maybe @unman can comment

thank you in advance

Related issue:

(I’ve made the title more specific to the issue at hand)

Thanks @disp6252
I found this solution in the issue-tracking and it solved my problem
This seems to be caused by selinux contexts not persisting in /rw when sys-net is based on a Fedora 38 disposable. A simple sudo restorecon -vrF /rw in sys-net resolves it in my testing. It appears that a sys-net based on non-disposable fedora-38 or a disposable debian-11 isn’t affected.

I opened a terminal in sys-net and executed sudo restorecon -vrF /rw