Trouble Connecting Qubes OS to wifi?

If anybody can help? I’m new into the Qube OS system. Trying to figure things out as I go. I’m having trouble in connecting to my Wi-Fi net work I don’t have a clue and what to do and what to see. If someone can help me with a detailed description of what to look for and what to do that would be amazing.

You have to describe your Qubes, did you install it with sys-usb, sys-net, then to describe your hardware (wifi) then to tell us where this window is from, etc…
What are you trying to achieve and exactly how.

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I installed it with my through my usb. It completely wiped my windows os and created my qubes as my main os. I haven’t made any changes or corrections to anything for the sole reason of trying to understand the os. At first there was nothing that I could find that would indicate to connect the system to my Wi-Fi network. I don’t know if my ideal of qubes os is as simple as tails or a bit complex. Looking through the qube os I only have two templates which is Debian 11 and fedora but when I click the qube manager I see domo. Towards the upper right of the screen it displays a double comp icon that you can rifirrafe click and it appears edit connections, as I click a box appears that gives you a option to add a connection manually to Debian or fedora through Ethernet, mobile broadband, Wi-Fi and etc.

  1. Overall I want to connect my qube os to my Wi-Fi network or what are the proper ways of doing so. Due to my laptop now having no form of internet connection now

  2. as well the proper measures of connecting to my vpn to have privacy connection

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There’s definitely an installation problem - you should have a sys-net and sys-firewall qubes available.
What’s weird is that you say:

I haven’t made any changes or corrections to anything for the sole reason of trying to understand the os

But it looks more like the system turned into some kind of installation for advanced users rather than configuring everything out of the box.

Either that or there’s some bug in the installation. My idea would be to try installing it again, screenshooting every step of the process and if that fails, we’ll think of something to get this state operational as it should be with some hacks.


But before that please try to read this

And come here to ask whatever you don’t comprehend there, by quoting or the other way.

Once you get the security concept you’ll never want to use anything else

Will do, the only option that I have now is to go by windows 11 once again, and install it to see if it overrides qubes OS. Due to win a install the qube os into my laptop it permanently erased my windows OS. It’s a bit of a pain because I’m not able to enter into the Internet at all due to my problem with Qube OS. Now that you mentioned it could be a installation issue. I’m not sure what to do.

Is there anything else that I can do or a couple hacks?

Please read the docs first as @enmus suggested on your phone and ask us if there’s something unclear. Then try reinstalling the system. If the problem persists, we’ll think of hacking then.

This is a lot of docs; I think it should not be necessary to read them all just to connect to the WiFi (although they are definitely useful!). Standard Qubes installation should have sys-net and sys-usb, unless you have some problems with your configuration or hardware. Perhaps, the installation log could help us help @blusandman (but I don’t know how to get them).

Yes, it’s definitely a lot of docs. But it looks to me that user tried to connect to wifi in templateVM (look at the title bar of the window - it’s debian-11), so I thought Qubes OS concept is missed here at first.

The thing is, there should be a sys-net qube available and I can’t see it.
Please try running the command:

qubesctl state.apply qvm.sys-net

and see what happens then.


How are they otherwise going to connect? Which qube in this case would be managing the network stack?
Enlighten me if I’m missing something, please.

Why we wouldn’t create connections in templates and use them for other qubes to connect to internet? :wink: