Good evening guys,

I have a question on a custom template that umann built that I have been using for a while now and have it built out.

Over the last few days when I go to use my domain that is built from my “Trisquel” template it keeps asking me to upgrade to… Trisquel 11.0 LTS

The version of my Trisquel template is… Nabia 10.0.1

What do I do here as I just keep clicking the " do not upgrade" option and then get the warnings?

Thank you for your time

I’m afraid the upgrade wouldn’t work (proper), so maybe you should ignore the upgrade messages for the time being. Actually unman will build a new template (if life gives him the chance and time) and so you can use that…
On the other hand, you can try an in-place upgrade (of a clone of your template) from the terminal of the Trisquel template - but I have no clue how to do this.

Hello, I like also Trisquel…and installed on Mac , my question is: on what version of QUBES you have installed Trisquel? and what was you installation of ISO Trisquel…? Because I am on qubes 4.2
and I ve tried several …solutions without result ( no “boot” ) , Thanks miro

@TheGardner, I will just hold tight and “ignore” the upgrade pop-ups I am getting. Yes umann builds great tools sets, and I use them along with my own build outs. I did try" a “in place” upgrade. I cloned out my Trisquel and it didn’t work. I kept getting a errors about some other process holding the upgrade. Something alone those lines, I really don’t remember but there were a few of those errors not allowing the in place upgrade.

@imboxm, research is your friend, there are a lot of great people here and some build really nice tool kits. PLease read above closely at what “theGardener” stated…