Trezor security/anonymity within Qubes

Would I be compromising security or whonix anonymity by installing Trezor Qubes OS - Trezor Wiki?

i mean not really…
anonymity wise Security:User data - Trezor Wiki

and security wise…

from the way your question sounds it seems like you fear tor would leak out your information or somthing…

so first of all let me just remind you how crypto works you have to sign transactions
and for that you need you’re private key which is generated from you’re seed -which is all again stored completely on the device never leaving it to approve a transaction you need it attached and one cannot sniff out the transction over the network it’s traveling to modify it

now it is possible there’ll be vulnerabilities and issues discovered with the terezor device it’s self an if an attacker can install some malware on it/… now that’s a issue but for that a attacker needs access
but for the most part you don’t have to worry about it
just make sure you’re allways on the https version of trezor io

u know what here’s a better explanation

(and ignore the question in the url look at the answer… Tor over HTTPS: there is no such thing (only HTTPS over Tor)

@shellt @rjo74618 I would ask the conversation to stick to the implications of trezor within the Qubes ecosystem, otherwise I’m afraid I’ll have to close this one down for being out of scope.

Perhaps the /r/TREZOR can be a more suitable place: