Trezor Bridge not running

Trying to setup my new Trezor-T.
Following this guide Qubes OS - Trezor Wiki
And have read this thread Trezor install on Qubes - USB - #13 by sgsg

I can attach it to my AppVM via sys-usb
But when i launch the Trezor-Suite i get “Trezor Bridge not running”

Anyone got theirs working?

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I don’t think Qubes supports those devices…
If they did there would be a working guide somewhere. And i read here allot of people are having issues overall with those kind of wallets you are writing about.
Here is another one:

Maybe this could give you a lead

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I made a neater guide now that I figured it out :slight_smile: How to set up the trezor bridge in 4.1

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Thankyou, will check it out.

Making the file executable got the trezor bridge running