Travelling and connecting to WIFI

So, what happens if the WIFI I connect to is compromised, what’s the potential damages? For example, I’ve seen people state that Qubes OS assumes that your network is compromised.

So, if I connect to the network that is compromised, what will this compromise in Qubes?

I know sys-net would be compromised, but that’s disposable. Would any qube that connects to sys-net also be compromised during this time?

What is is, I’m travelling and will be required to connect to wifi for my job. However, I want to keep everything as safe as possible. However, I won’t be using a disposable qube to login to work, since I don’t want to be entering my credentials every single time, so will be using a normal appvm which is already logged in.

Arguably each byte you send through sys-net. So be careful how and what you will send. This is general.
Your wifi controller, too. So I’d probably buy disposable wifi dongle but nothing can’t prevent you from poisoning USB controller.
The more you think what might go wrong, the bigger are headaches, hahah

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