Transferring VPN

I created a nordvpn qube to setup my vpn the net vm on it is sys-firewall I can get it up and connected but once I add network manager to the services of the nordvpn qube I get a green ethernet logo in the top right of my qubes that states “VM uplink eth0” active but when I go through nordvpn firefox it says im unprotected and when I try to set nordvpn as the net vpn for another qube I have a caution sign to the right of it and it doesn’t work. any tips?

netVM* not net vpn I apologize

How did you configure your vpn?
Is enabling network manager service stated by the guide that you followed to configure your vpn?
Check this guide on how to configure vpn iin Qubes:
Or you can use this script to easily configure your vpn qube:

I am using nordvpn, which method do you recommend?

There’s NordVPN native application but I never used it and can’t comment on it, but you can try it if you want:
Installing NordVPN on Fedora & QubesOS Linux | NordVPN support
In general I’d suggest to use Qubes-vpn-support to configure vpn qube since it’s easier and less prone to accidental misconfiguration.

After I download the config files from nord how do I put them into /rw/config/vpn as it states on the website?

You can use the copy command:
sudo cp /path/to/source/file-or-directory /rw/config/vpn/

I am a little new to qubes so what youre saying is do the command exactly how you said it but where you put file directory is where I would put the name of the downloaded file?

Yes, for example if you have your VPN config files in vpn qube directory /home/user/Downloads/my-nordvpn-config/ then you need to copy files from it like this:
sudo cp /home/user/Downloads/my-nordvpn-config/* /rw/config/vpn/