TPM Column in a HCL List

So I ran qubes-hcl-report -s vault in my dom0’s terminal.

In a terminal’s output I got

HVM: Active
I/O MMU: Active

TPM: Device present

Remapping: yes

but in a .yml


’ '


is generated. Can someone please explain what (exactly) does this mean? Is there any log with a more detailed info generated during the HCL report creating process?

Is this why TMP column in a HCL list is mostly empty, or with a value “unknown”? In which case this value is generated? When “yes” value will be generated?

I have searched through the forum but could find only info of a case in which .yml generates value “disabled” for TPM.

I hope this is the right category for this kind of discussion.

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@Sven @deeplow ?

No idea but you can try to look at the source code to see if you spot what it means:

Thanks @deeplow.
I did my best but couldn’t conclude why for TPM: Device present in terminal, output in .yml is tpm: ’ '

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@enmus @deeplow the issue is down to the fact TPM variable gets populated to terminal but TPM_s is the variable that goes into the YAML. Ive created a pull request to fix it

Thanks @plexus

Ill have to do the PR later - i had not added my GPG key to that github account yet so ill resolve later on and link the new PR here. I have to go out now so itll be a while.