Torrent Desktop Client vs Browser-in-built vs Cloud based torrent site, in Qubes?

When looked at several ways available to share files (torrent), some of them looks (feels) safe with regards to anonymity, privacy and security.

In the heading, i was wondering which could be the best choice when it comes to p2p network.

  1. Torrent desktop clients (eg. QbitTorrent)
  2. Browser-in-built torrent clients (eg. Brave browser torrent client)
  3. Cloud base/Online torrent site (eg.

Just feel free to recommend other safest way do it while still achieving your basic internet right smile.

first, if you not aware of, anyone can see your ip address when using torrent

imo, i use torrent client

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With regards to anonymity, the best way to share files is to use torrents in I2P.

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How prevalent torrenting in i2p is? With good old regular torrenting, there are literally oceans of contents (movies, etc.) available. How does that compare to i2p? Putting it another way, for example, are there torrent aggregating websites (or eepsites) like thepiratebay?

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There are quite a few torrent trackers on I2P with good content, but they don’t have as much content as PirateBay of course. You can find them via planet.i2p.

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Normally i torrent (prefer cloud) in whonix disposable vm to download eBooks (PDFs & EPUBs) over tor, then sanitize to my other storage vm.
So no IP exposed.

I don’t think there are public torrent site on i2p network which comes close to tpb or 1337x with tons of latest stuffs (books, music, etc) to download.

I wonder why most popular torrent sites doesn’t have clear net alternative on i2p (mirror site), considering the network is faster, anonymous and “safer” to download torrents files compare to tor network.

Can they really work together in harmony without compromising (leaking) each other? I read it somewhere (on the internet) that it can be configured with tor. While using the i2p network, tor can be used to connect to the internet.

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it not recommended by tor project

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Yah i know that. I was reading this (clearly miss read it :grimacing:) from i2p’s FAQs and i thought it (i2p) could be configured to use both network together.
I mean while on i2p network, tor can be used to access non-i2p site.

Internet Access/Performance
I can’t access regular Internet sites through I2P.

I2P is primarily not intended, nor designed, to be used as a proxy to the regular internet. With that said, there are services which are provided by volunteers that act as proxies to non-private internet based content - these are referred to as “outproxies” on the I2P network. There is an outproxy configured by default in I2P’s HTTP client tunnel - false.i2p. While this service does currently exist, there is no guarantee that it will always be there as it is not an official service provided by the I2P project. If your main requirement from an anonymous network is the ability to access non-private internet resources, we would recommend using Tor.

AFAIK, even in this case, you should not use that for clearnet torrents.

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