Tor Server Test Files 4 U

If you have exact time 0.0* time offset from GPS time you can test these 2 exact reproducible builds. They have been available to i2p users for 2 weeks and I did not hear any complains.

sha512sum tor-tarball-pack.tar.gz
2ee037aa6f5140025d8d28300ade59f8dbec8fd88eafb02ace4143967c6508580967cfee6237f1c62fb030dff4806f844ac2502c95c1855a5d05f2574bc11fbc tor-tarball-pack.tar.gz

Extract and run opt/gnu/bin/tor in any Linux.

sha512sum tor-deb-pack.deb
668ab7272f911d933d27d13f654a90eacb4745390ac82e770f4813e4f2d23e845ee34f6bb3e6344878f99ae91d3ffce60451ec15445d1926148368b74831d7f3 tor-deb-pack.deb

In any debian distribution: sudo apt install ./tor-deb-pack.deb

It appears that GUIX has been killed on Jan 16 /2024. RIP .
Nightly builds have been removed and packages for kernel and driver building have been poisoned. It was not unexpected… because it has been going on for a few years now. I loved it so much that the lowest number of installs I had was 7.

Link for download 4 a few hours:

I saw this topic Whonix-17 - #12 by janglingquo_575

This is not about Qubes OS, is it?

Not about Qubes, but related to it.
There is always discussion of Tor, Whonix, and Guix has featured in the

Surely more relevant is the complete absence of source for these files,
and lack of guidance as to what they might do, and how they are to be
It might be argued that users who might find this interesting would be
capable of dealing with them without compromising their systems. But we
dont have a section *for Advanced Users *, and the post doesn’t come with
any health warning.
Those are the real issues which should be addressed.

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