Tor not connecting

Recently I have been having trouble connecting to Tor or with any connectivity thru sys-whonix. I say only recently because it was doing just fine until a couple days ago. Not sure why this keeps happening.

I do have a VPN installed and running on one of my AppVMs (if this is not recommended for security please let me know) but it shouldn’t affect it because it is on another AppVM with a different net cube. I’ve also tried connecting with the VPN and appvm shut down.

My experience for the last several days is that tor network was so slow, like in the days of dial-up. I can’t even remember when it was slow, not to say this slow.

I’ve had similar problems on & off on two different machines…

Sometimes restarting the Tor controller works, sometimes not.

Seems to me that the problems arise when I’m not using the browser actively, certainly most of the time Tor is broken if I leave it unused for half an hour or so.

Testing out Kodachi for other purposes now, looks like it is really stable compared, will try to look into what is the difference. It does have a ton of settings that are not normally available in tools like Whonix and Qubes.