Tor Keeps Disconnecting

So I like to watch political videos in the disposable whonix DVM, but every 15 minutes or so, TOR disconnects and I have to reset it. Is there a way to get it to stop doing that?

I’m not sure, but it could be related to the Entry Guards since they are the only (semi-)constant parameter in the Tor connection I can think of. Maybe changing them would work? Other guesses are problems with the ISP or maybe router configuration?

how would I solve any of that?

I haven’t changed my entry guards so I don’t know how, except:

According to,

Creating a new Whonix-Gateway ™ (sys-whonix) will likely lead to a new set of Tor entry guards, which is proven to degrade anonymity [archive]."

, which would also probably eliminate any chance of problems in sys-whonix that’s causing the disconnects. There are probably other ways to change them without replacing sys-whonix, but I haven’t had experience with any of them.

Just found an error message:

15:51:39 [NOTICE] Guard $C8CBDB2464FC9804A69531437BCF2BE31FDD2EE4
│ ($C8CBDB2464FC9804A69531437BCF2BE31FDD2EE4) is failing more circuits than
│ usual. Most likely this means the Tor network is overloaded. Success counts
│ are 174/249. Use counts are 80/80. 245 circuits completed, 0 were unusable,
│ 71 collapsed, and 174 timed out. For reference, your timeout cutoff is 60
│ seconds.

May be a better question for the whonix forums: