Tor circuit feature missing?

I am currently up-to-date, running Tor Browser version 12.0.5, but I am missing the feature in Tor Browser which shows my circuit, e.g. “This browser” to (let’s say) Germany (Guard) to (let’s say) France to (let’s say) United States to my destination. This appears to be the case in multiple qubes, and still the case after reset. My other machine still has the feature.

What gives?

Are you running tbb on whonix or debian/fedora? For the case on whonix, you can see your circuits from “Tor Control Panel”.

The feature is still present in native Tor Browser.
If you are running under Whonix, then you are using Tor circuits
generated by Whonix not by the Tor Browser.
The Tor project discontinued Tor over Tor some time ago, so the Tor
Browser used by Whonix cannot generate its own circuits. That would
account for the feature being missing. (If you used to have the
feature under Whonix before, that’s a Whonix thing and I cant help.)

If you are not running under Whonix, I’m at a loss.

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