Tor browser update in dmv and vm screen dimensions

Everytime I start tor browser in Whonix WS dvm, an update begins. Should I update the browser in the WS Template? Why doesn’t the WS Template have the latest browser version (I just updated the template)?

Latest tor browser version makes the browser full screen and a reduced size lowers anonymity unlike in the past (try torzilla print and but qubes keeps the browser in a smaller vm window (eff test still says strong protection, however). Is there an issue?

Also, does anyone keep track of when Arti will be implemented in Qubes?

Not sure what the question is here. If you want to update the Tor browser, you need to run the downloader from the whonix workstation template.

Wouldn’t that bypass the Qubes Updater mechanism? That isn’t ideal.

[Qubes Update isn’t updating Fedora for some reason and there should be a lot to update since I haven’t updated for a while.]

The Tor Browser Downloader is not related to the Qubes Updater. It is provided by the Whonix developers to update the browser and perform some security checks at the same time.

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I believe this question belongs to Whonix forum.

I can’t say for sure but I still think it’s an implementation choice of whonix developers. If it’s not then feel free to correct me, thanks.