Tor Browser Downloader installation request, what is it and should I install it?

Hi guys, out of curiousity, I clicked on the Tor Browser Downloader (anon-whonix), and it requested me to install it? I find it a bit weird, as I thought this had been pre-configured already. And as far as I’m concerned, anon-whonix already has a downloader. So what makes this special and different? And is it really safe?

Besides, I just re-installed Tor yesterday, but it says that the last signature creation date was 5 days ago. How come?

Also, it seems like every time I reboot or close the PC, things I’ve downloaded in anon-whonix get deleted. Is there a way to disable this? Like to make things that I download with Tor stay in the qube?

Thanks for reading!

Read this:
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It’d be better to ask Qubes-Whonix questions on this dedicated forum:
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