Tor Browser Crash (Whonix)

Anybody recently experiencing a Tor Browser on Whonix crashing the entire Xen hypervisor when using the sys-gui VM?

This might be related to graphics driver libraries like Mesa3D llvmpipe

it might also be a browser issue and could be linked to the desktop screen resolution

This question is about Whonix, so you could probably ask it on Whonix forums. However, whole hypervisor crashing sounds scary. Reminds me of this:

AFAIK Whonix VM doesn’t use any GPU acceleration on Qubes, so I would expect that the graphics driver is not relevant.

This is most likely a CPU level vuln. There are some unmitigated vulns that were returned by the “spectre-meltdown-checker” tool when run in whonix-ws/gw. Please see the logs posted here: