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@xn0px90 this is not useful testing feedback. I moved it out of #testing-team. Referring people to a video that you posted with a cryptic title is no help.

If you want to help, please post an accurate textual description of the issue you’re describing.

Also, this is a known issue:

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What’s all this control?
No self expression!
I will continue with my style!
Feel free to ban me plz!

The purpose of the forum is to help people. If the post’s title is cryptic and there is only a video. Nobody is going to find it. Plus it polutes the discussion because people don’t know what the topic is from looking straight at it.

So, you have three options:

  • use a title that (even slightly) reflects the problem at hand
  • use this title: “progress bar freezes in installer”
  • or stay away from the forum

Moderator note: Right now, the topic has been de-listed. Only people with the direct link can see. This looks like vandalism. Please just pick a title that explains the content. Otherwise it will keep being de-listed.

whatever dude

Also why are you guys reading my DM’s with others?