To whoever fixed my bluetooth, thank you

I have had to step away from using qubes for a few months. I was using 4.2 previously, and am now using the latest 4.2. I have built in intel wifi and bluetooth (AX200).

Back in 4.1 It would show as a usb device (8087_0029) and when attaching to a VM, it would present itself as a bluetooth device and I could use it (e.x. attach to sys-adio and play through bluetooth headphones).

My disappointment happened when 4.2 was first released. When I would attach that device to ANY vm (using ANY kernel, even a custom kernel) it would fail. It was something about could not load or find driver. I forget the details because I have since re-imaged my computer a few times (I enjoy doing so).

Now that I am back with Qubes, I see a nice usb icon (nice touch) and attaching that device to sys-audio works flawlessly. I have not had time to look at any github commits, but thank you to whoever may have fixed my issue. No need to leave qubes now (or be stuck with using a wired headset. yuck).