To the Devs, if I may

I have a request to ask if all of you may so incline to add…
You see when I need to shut down a domain I have up and running I click the little “qube” icon up top and then chose which one I want to shut down and all is well.

“user error”… Sometimes I am not paying attention and "what do you know…I inadvertently shut down the wrong domain “sys-usb”…
Down she goes!!!

NO more keyboard/mouse…

So can you guys add what I would call a “HARD STOP” popup asking if we really want to shut down the said domain?


Yes…I know EXACTLY what you mean! Sometimes the entries shift around as other qubes shut down, too, so I’ve been sucked into that.

My workaround is to set up a cron job that runs every minute; it starts sys-usb (and is set to not “fail” if it’s already up).

That way when I pump that shotgun slug into my foot, I can just wait a minute or less and it comes back up.

qvm-start --skip-if-running sys-usb in your crontab with all of the time fields set to asterisks ( * * * * * ), should work. To do a crontab, just type crontab in dom0 and vi will open with the crontab table–I think there’s a guide to tell you how to add a new one.

EDIT: No there isn’t. You’ll want to google/duckduckgo/whatever “how to add a cron job”

I’ve been burnt by the shuffle, maybe they can add a placeholder entry when qube vms are shutting down.