Titan Key access in Google account ko

I’m tying to access to my Gmail account protected with advanced program by Titan Security Key but it didn’t work. After to insert account name and password i’ve plugged in by USB port Titan key that blink green, but when I touch it … it’s frozen (Qubes 4.0 in Personal VM)

Did you attach your Titan Key USB device to your Personal VM?

Yes but it doesn’t work.

That’s not the Titan Key device but just card reader. Your Titan Key should be sys-usb:2-7 - FT_2UF device.

I’ve just re-tried but it didn’t work in personal only in untrusted. Any idea ?

Are the two vms using different templates?

You can check with the following commands in dom0:

$ qvm-prefs personal template
$ qvm-prefs untrusted template

Yes I am !
Untrusted/Fedora and Personal/Debian

So it’s most likely something missing in the debian template.

Since you’ve established that it works with the fedora template, you can simply switch the template used by your personal qube.

If you want to use debian, try to research what packages are required for the titan key. Also, you can try installing qubes-usb-proxy.

Alternatively, you could look into u2f proxy, which will allow you to use the key without attaching it to qubes:
install qubes-u2f in the template, hen enable the qubes-u2f-proxy in the services tab of your personal qube (or run qvm-service --enable personal qubes-u2f-proxy).

Read more about it here: U2F proxy | Qubes OS

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