Time set incorrectly

I think I configured everything correctly:

  • timedatectl in sys-net gives the correct time and says system clock synchronized, ntp service active
  • ive set clockvm in global settings to sys-net

but nevertheless system time is off by 2 hours and 2 minutes :frowning:
it seems to be the rtc time + 2h and rtc time in sys-net is 2 minutes after local time in sys-net

in dom0, universal time = rtc time and local time is rtc time +2

this is on verified hardware (a nitropad)

I’m seeing this as well.

Actually, I started seeing weird problems with time already couple of weeks ago, but since yesterday this +2 hours thingie.

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update: it fixed itself a few h (?) after i changed clockvm to sys-net (after which I had rebooted to no avail)

The clock has always been finicky for me. Sometimes changing dom 0 doesn’t work or doesn’t stick, and if so instead right clicking on the clock and changing timezones and the clock that way works or vice versa. I haven’t figured it out completely.

No idea why. Try the following:

  • right-click on the clock » properties » timezone (add your timezone)