Thunderbolt 3 or 4 play nice with Qubes?

Still continuing my study of Qubes. If I were to add a new thunderbolt 3 or 4 card to a motherboard (its sold and rated for the exact motherboard) how difficult is it to get Quebes 4.2.0 to play nice with it? I really won’t use it much with Qubes running, but I want the incredible speed for backing up my Qubes NVMEs. My design/aspiration is to bring up a recovery environment in RAM and then use thunderbolt drives as a backup medium for offloading the data. Can only imagine how nice 40Gbps would be during backups, LOL!

its working as accepted - at least for me.

I believe you need to turn on thunderbolt BIOS support or something like that in the BIOS for Thunderbolt to work properly with Linux but otherwise my Thunderbolt 3 port on my T480S seems to be working just fine.

Thank you for giving me some input. I am planning my “build” and Thunderbolt 4 cards for my motherboard are not that expensive. My main desire is to have the Thunderbolt 4 ports for speedy backups/offloads to external NVME’s.

The linux kernels are supposed to support T4. My Windows recovery environment supports T4 drivers (can manually add them to rescue media) so I can use them during “down” machine backups too.