Thunderbird freeze in minimal template

So far, I have used fedora-36 as the base template for email vm and everything was fine. Now, I would like to switch to fedora-36-minimal, but here I observe an issue. Thunderbird becomes unresponsive/freezes for some time, whenever new emails are received and only when here are new emails. It usually takes around half a minute. Then the notifications show up and Thunderbird is responsive again.

  • fedora-36-minimal
  • 600 - 900 MB memory
  • Packages
    • gnome-keyring
    • qubes-core-agent-networking
    • qubes-gpg-split
    • thunderbird-qubes
    • xfce4-notifyd

Any help on figuring what is going on here and how to solve this is highly appreciated.

How much memory is free in the VM? How much swap is being used?

Memory total 822Mi, used 482Mi, free 113Mi, shared 19Mi, buff/cache 238Mi, available 207Mi
Swap total 1Gi, used 141Mi, free 882Mi

I hade same issues when the RAM is too low, try increasing the memory for your WM to min of 2MB. that worked for me.

I am confused, how could give less memory be the solution? I guess you meant 2Gi.

But then, why is it only an issue when using a minimal template and not the default one (with the same memory specs)?