Those "Arch" based updates killed my HVM... SOLVED

Good evening guy’s hope all is well for ya.
So here I am yes you guys pretty much all know me by now “rookie” but learning TONS from you all. (Side note: Well my hole not being able to “backup” with Qubes gui is now fixed, and working 100%), of course I now know how to use the terminal backup cmd’s with the help of yes great people here, and I thank them greatly.

But now a NEW issue has presented itself…DETAILS

So I have and use a certain Arch based HVM built out and did run great till the last update, which I saw there were “Arch” based, I guess you could say firmware/drivers. Well as of now its not so good for me. You see my last update/upgrade to this Arch base HVM was 06/23, and as of today 06/28 all heel has let just say “Broken lose” for me.

1.) my keyboard is now “super” unresponsive". I actually have to hit my “up OR down” arrow many times before I can even get through my cmd list in terminal.

2.) for whatever reason I cannot get back to my last known HVM screen resolution which was 1600x900 which I used as of 06/23. I do sudo xrand and I only get 3 modes…
340x600 (I think thats right), 800x600 & 4096x4096. So what the hell I chose 4096x4096. Nope I get mode not found or something along those lines. I am STUCK @ 800x600, for whatever reason.

3.) Now I am thinking, OK let me connect HVM to network and update, maybe something got “BONKED” with last Arch "update/upgrade.
sudo networkmanager start…it starts
do my cmd’s to connect and I get… no network device found

I do sudo ifconfig and… only get lo & loop
There is no en0, enX0…nothing

I know all of you guys do WONDERS for Qubes OS and have helped me so much, even with your “tough love” at time but it has made me better. But I am finding it hard to believe that between 06/23 and now 06/28 all of thsi could have just happened.

To be fair I will delete the Arch HVM build I have and go back 1 week 06/16 to see if I produce the same results as I have now. If I do then it’s not the Arch HVM and more then likely the “Arch” updates that just came across to my Qube.

Thank you guys for everything and Yes your tutelage…

Is your Arch HVM based on a template or installed from ISO?
Try to boot with previous kernel.

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ISO, did what you said and working fully now…
Thank you