ThinkPad with reasonably high specs for R4.1.1?

I currently have a Lenovo ThinkPad P51, which has been running R4.0 for about 2 years.

The specs are:
Intel i7 @ 2.7 GHz, 1 core with 4 threads
64 GB of RAM

I recently upgraded to R4.1.1 and have since been running into continuous hardware issues, specifically frequent crashes.

I like ThinkPads. Is there a ThinkPad with similar specs (at least 32 GB of RAM) that can run R4.1.1 reliably without hardware issues? Bonus if it includes a Qubes supported (NVIDIA?) GPU.

If you’re deadset to sticking with the Lenovo/Thinkpad brand, I suggest this W530. This is well documented, sometimes comes with an Nvidia quadro k2000 card, and has a wide range of ports. This was the last Thinkpad to support +16 GB that didn’t also come with a boot guard, which would prevent you from installing a (mostly) free as in freedom bootloader like Coreboot/SeaBios.