Thinkpad t14/t14s Support

The thinkpad t14/t14s just launched looking to get one anyone know how linux support is on them?

CPU -AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 4750U
GPU - Integrated AMD Radeon Graphics

Kubuntu 20.04 works great on my T14 w/4750U after upgrading the kernel to 5.8; everything works and the speed is very impressive.

But Qubes does not appear to be compatible with the newer Ryzen APUs from last year and this year… I can’t get the installer to work at all.

There is a thread about new Ryzen Thinkpads on the google group, BTW.

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yea i’m currently running manjaro on kernel 5.8 to, hopefully qubes starts upgrading the kernel fast cause when i tried booting it from a usb it didn’t even boot