ThinkPad P51, upgrades?

I have noticed some renewed P51s are becoming less expensive. Less than four hundred dollars.

and since a lot of things change with time, I thought I would ask what kind of upgrades can one do with a P51?

Of course RAM up to 64 GB, consider more RAM, faster battery use. and RAM is expensive.

Would I want to change the WiFi chip? Or does a P51 have a limited whitelist?

I notice Sven suggests a high end Pro SSD. Anyone to recommend or stay away from?

Any suggestions about batteries?

I know that other manufacturers offer Core Boot, and Heads, faster processors.

What are the downsides of using one of these?

I think the fastest P51s you can get is the 7600U, and that CPU is not worth $400.

The fastest T480 has the 8650U, which is probably 50% faster than 7600U, and you can get a used T480 for $200.

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Any knowledge on which used computer models the “Core Boot” and Heads groups might be working on?"

Or is it now becoming, there are several manufacturers which are building Specialty computers with “Core Boot,” and Heads or similar software already installed?

Heads supported devices, it’s a very limited list.

Lots of devices can use Coreboot, System76, Starlabs, NovaCustom, and Purism all make modern laptops running Coreboot.

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I have one of this, and as far I know they don’t support more than 32gb RAM.

Remember that it doesn’t support more than PCIE GEN3X2 for NVME

Also check this:

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