Thinkpad Fan noise

I’m working with QubesOS on a thinkpad W541 corebooted (i7-4940mx, 32 gb ram) My laptop fan makes a lot of noise all of a sudden, and I would like to solve this problem. I searched a bit and I discovered thinkfan very quickly. I installed it in dom0 (sudo qubes-dom0-update thinkfan). But it didn’t change my problem.
I said to myself that I had to start it (sudo systemctl start thinkfan) nothing changed.
So I looked at what was happening (thinkfan -n) and there are files that are not present (/proc/acpi/ibm/thermal fan) there is also a problem when acquiring the temperature (add_sensor: Error getting temperature)
Does this problem come from dom0 and I have to execute a command? or does it comes from the fact that I corebooted the laptop ?
anyway I am all ears. I’ve already searched a bit but I haven’t found anything similar

here is the exact output command from dom0 :

@dom0 ~]$ sudo thinkfan -n

WARNING: Using default fan control in /proc/acpi/ibm/fan.

WARNING: Using default temperature inputs in /proc/acpi/ibm/thermal.
/proc/acpi/ibm/thermal: No such file or directory

add_sensor: Error getting temperature.
/proc/acpi/ibm/thermal: No such file or directory

Error parsing temperatures:
readconfig: Error getting temperature.
Refusing to run without usable config file!

Refusing to run without usable config file!


Here is a good summary.

And this is my fan pattern:

tp_thermal /proc/acpi/ibm/thermal
tp_fan     /proc/acpi/ibm/fan

# t_junction 105
# t_max       90
# t_idle      65

(0,     0,      68)        #    0 rpm
(1,     60,     72)        # 3432 rpm
(2,     64,     76)        # 3754 rpm    delta 322
(3,     68,     80)        # 3994 rpm    delta 240
(4,     72,     84)        # 4143 rpm    delta 149
(5,     76,     88)        # 4567 rpm    delta 424
(7,     80,     92)        # 5319 rpm    delta 752 // no delta between 6 & 7!
(127,   84,     32767)     # 6097 rpm    delta 778

… your values will be different but you’ll get the idea.

Thank you for your reply.
I had seen the github page of thinkfan, I thought I was missing the package “lm-sensors” but I could not install it with “sudo qubes-dom0-update lm-sensors”, I thought it was not necessary …
I’ll try again if you tell me that it should not have problems with coreboot.

here is my thinkfan.conf file
I struggle to load the thinkpad_acpi module i think, but i can’t even find him …
here is now the output

@dom0 ~]$ thinkfan -n

WARNING: Using default fan control in /proc/acpi/ibm/fan.

/proc/acpi/ibm/fan: No such file or directory
Error opening /proc/acpi/ibm/fan. Is this a computer really Thinkpad? Is the thinkpad_acpi module loaded? Are you running thinkfan with root privileges?
Cleaning up and resetting fan control.

/proc/acpi/ibm/fan: No such file or directory

also, yes this is a thinkpad (W541)

It won’t work unless you call ‘sudo thinkfan -n’

Yeah sorry, I’ve also tried in sudo mode (sudo thinkfan -n and sudo su && thinkfan -n)