Things holding me back from using qubes os

I am currently switching back and forth between qubes, fedora and arch. The things holding me back from qubes os are firmware updates not being supported as far as I’m aware, not being able to fully utilize the GPU, or at least being given the option to, and there being no official archlinux package and updated repo available. Although unman does provide an arch package and repo, so that isn’t really a concern for me anymore.

Are there any plans to allow users that understand the risk to fully utilize an integrated gpu in a laptop? Even being able to connect it to a single qube would be great.

Does anyone know whether tools like fwupd work on qubes os? I found something experimental ( but I’m not sure how mature it really is.

Is that true? What if you install a BIOS update from the hardware vendor?

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Your may want to check this (although it’s still a bit far from being ready for prime time). Help gladly accepted to get there faster, BTW :wink:

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