There seems to be snap after update to 4.2.0-rc4?

I don’t use snap or snapd, I couldn’t find any snap or snapd in any appVM or Template or serviceVM, nor in dom0 but since updating to 4.2.0-rc4 there is some freezing when shutting down or restarting a VM or service and once this freezing starts only dom0 seems to function normally, but shutting down the computer only can be done by pushing the hardware power button, once this freezing starts. Without the freezing it shuts down and restarts normally.
An example of the warnings I see, this can happen anywhere exept dom0
Again, I never used snap, this started after the update to 4.2.0-rc4.

This warning is not related to snap package manager, it’s about LVM snapshot of your VM disk because of hard reset.

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