The UEFI doesn't no boot

I have installed Qubes OS. It installs everything right, but when I restart, the UEFI doesn’t appear.

Can you help me please; how I can reinstall the UEFI?

I have problems understanding your question. What do you mean by “UEFI doesn’t appear”? What does appear instead? Does Qubes not boot?

When I starting the computer, after installing Qubes OS, doesn’t appear UEFI option to boot, and therefore, I can’t boot the OS.

How I cat achieve of obtain, to appear the UEFI option, and then, be able to load the OS?

dear @aka0kuro,
on which media did you install qubes os ?
dual boot, seperate hard-drive, usb drive, … ?

did you already try to press the button on your keyboard to bring up the UEFI manager during boot which list all UEFI entries the system knows / finds ?

I installed it on an HDD, it only has Qubes OS. And when you hit the device list button, only the HDD comes out, as I said, the UEFI partition does not come out

Each brand, make, model of computer have somewhat different code for use in starting the boot process. This may be what is confusing potential responders since they do not know what the Setup screen looks like on your computer.

You may be referring to the firmware, called the Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) that first appears when to enter the Setup routines of the computer.
If this is so, and you do not see and entry for your operating system in the boot list, then chances are that the Setup firmware does not recognize the partition, called the EFI System Partition (ESP) or the code in the partition, called the bootloader, necessary to boot your operating system.
If this is so, then you must first make the the ESP visible to the EFI, then assure the EFI knows where the bootloader has been installed.
Your computer’s Setup window should offer you ways to add entries to the boot list and in this process allow you to enter the path and filename of the bootloader.

The How-To guidance concerning these steps is offered by Qubes-os and is well written for at least a generic case. You may wish to read through the guidance and if at that time the remedy does not seem apparent, then you could seek some assistance with a little more understanding and information for responders to help resolve your issue.

This link may be helpful:

Once you’ve accessed this webpage search for the section titled, “Installation finished but “Qubes” boot option is missing and xen.cfg is empty”
I hope this is what you were looking for.